A new perspective can be gained through Life Coaching – it’s like going away travelling, you gain new experiences and new purpose. You arrive home feeling richer and enthusiased from your travels – home is still the same, however you see it through new eyes because of what you’ve learnt

Life Coaching offers you the possiblity of growing through becoming more self-aware. Think of yourself as an onion with many layers to uncover. As you peel back the layers, you reveal more of your true self to find a better understanding of who you really are

Often circumstances may not necessarily change, but our point of view can. For example: during a performance, a figure skater falls on the ice.  They can decide that there is no chance of getting a high mark, and exert minimal effort to the finish, or they can decide to try even harder and pursue the possibility of still getting a high score.  The circumstances remain the same in either case, but the results can be very different..

“All possibilities are landing at my feet, there’s nothing I can see but posibilities” Badly Drawn Boy

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