seeing the wood2Helping people move from where they are now to where they want to be, much quicker and more effectively than if working on their own

But don’t just take my word for it – here are some testimonials from my clients..

Testimonial “Dave, it’s been incredibly interesting and encouarging working with you. My own self-awareness has been an eye opener and our sessions have really helped me see the ‘wood from the trees’ and understand what it is I really want from numerous personal and work related issues. Your positivity and enthusiasm is infections and motivating, a big thanks”  Pete – Devon

Testimonial “Thank you for helping me make sense of some of the issues that have been holding me back, and for giving me the confidence to face them head on. The results so far have been very positive and I’m certain I would not have made the progress I’ve made without your encouragement, patience and endless positivity.” Luke – Devon

Testimonial  “The past few months of trying to re-establish my business have been really challenging, and this week I’ve been feeling particularly discouraged.  Your good listening, empathy, fresh perspectives and spot-on feedback this morning really helped to turn things around.  I feel revitalised, and more importantly know exactly what to do to keep things moving forwards in a positive direction.  Bless you Dave – you’re a star!” Penny – Oxford

Testimonial  “I have read many of the business and success books on the market and after 20 years in business, the last 10 as a company Director, I would recommend using Dave as a mentor and Coach.  I was introduced to him at a critical time as I was completing the sale of my company, and trying to plan the next chapter of my life.  Without his guidance and advice I would have made some decisions that would have had a negative impact on the success I was hoping to enjoy from the sale.  Dave has given me clarity, focus and an understanding that in life, you hold the cards, so play your best hand.” Gary – Southend

Testimonial  “The reason I decided to work with Dave was because from the first moment we met I liked and trusted him. At the time we started coaching, my life was at a turning point: I’d taken over three years out of work and let out my house (which I hadn’t had time to settle into before I took off). I returned to no work, no relationship and a house in great need of care and attention. With Dave’s help I set out and organized my priorities, made significant progress with turning the house into a welcoming, comfortable home, and am now taking steps to finding fulfilling work and a genuine soul-mate. Dave is extremely encouraging, supportive and has helped me with building my confidence. I’ve felt listened to, appreciated, validated and clearer as a result. I’ve especially appreciated Dave going the extra mile in making himself available and sending the occasional supportive email between sessions. I’ve always felt he was on my side, cheering me on. Our sessions also helped me see that I could sometimes make greater headway by doing less. Dave, you’ve been great, I feel very lucky to have you as a coach and I look forward to our next sessions together.” Penny – Oxford

Testimonial  “When I was struggling with work and at a low ebb in my life, I saw an advert for Sherwood Life Coaching. I am a natural skeptic so was obviously doubtful of the effect of Life Coaching, I am a “half glass full” person and feel that “I can sort myself out” and do not need any outside influence, however I was feeling fed up with how my job was working out and felt I had nothing to lose. When I first met Dave, we had a one-on-one, face-to-face session. I didn’t know what to expect and therefore went with a very open mind. Dave was very welcoming, warm, friendly and very understanding and let me know what he offered as a coach and what he expected from me. I soon understood that I had all the answers within me and that I had to find them, and that you get out of coaching what you put in to it. Dave and I started off with the ‘life wheel’ and I decided that I would work on my dissatisfaction with my job.  My rating for my job (out of ten) was a paltry two showing how fed up I was. I work in a sales environment and was struggling to hit target, this had a bad effect as the target is on an annual basis and I was so far behind I was worried that I would be way off the mark come the end of the year (2014). On the bright side, I wasn’t the only one in my role at the company struggling, it was the same for the whole team, however, this didn’t help my mind set and I wanted to improve my lot. Working with Dave for approximately five months, my general attitude, enthusiasm and approach to work improved so much that my sales figures increased and I actually hit my annual target by the end of the year! I went from being around 75% of target to reaching 106% of target by the end of the year. I was salesperson of the month for December and for every month I worked with Dave I smashed my targets. The last quarter of 2014 I was nearly at 200% of my monthly target! Dave has helped me to change my work life around, improve my sales figures as well as my job satisfaction from 2/10 to a cracking 8/10. I was so excited about my performance come December I was telling a friend of mine (who is also in sales) of the success I’d had, and he is now also working with Dave. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone to work with Dave, in order to improve thier life, their work and to reach their goals.” Ashley – Exeter

Testimonial “Working with Dave has helped me create clarity and order within my hectic thought processes, and alongside realistic goal setting has increased my productivity whilst keeping me sane.” Kate – Swansea

Testimonial “Through precise and professional advice Dave has provided me with the tools I needed to advance in my career. Instilling personal confidence and offering clear and concise viewpoints I have been able to see a focus and path which until recently, I largely overlooked. Dave is a truly remarkable individual with a skill set to support those who seek his services. Dave has a personable and friendly nature, which makes for a comfortable environment to engage in conversation. His ongoing support has allowed me to progress and reach both my long term and short term goals. I am very thankful and grateful to have spoken with Dave and I hold him in the highest regard.” Daniel – Guildford

Testimonial “Dave, a big thank you. I have realised that since we have been coaching my attitude has changed and I have become more enthused and I’m now taking action to sort out my issues. I’m not sure exactly what you have done, but you are the only thing that is different in my life over these last months, so I am confident that you can shoulder a lot of the credit for the progress I’ve made.” Mark – Peterborough