Who uses a Life Coach?S 3

Almost anyone really..

People looking for personal fulfilment and positive change in
order to get the best out of themselves • Individuals stuck with
making important decisions and looking to find clarity and direction • Succesful business people looking to reach higher levels of performance • Anyone looking for growth, expansion and a way forward in their day-to-day life

How does it work?

Life coaching is about helping, encouraging and guiding people to achieve their goals and aspirations, much quicker and more effectivly than if working on their own

There are times when we all find ourselves not being able to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and these are the times when working with a life coach can be most rewarding – with the coach helping the client to find clarity and create new options in order to take the positive actions needed to make things happen

Through a supportive process of thought provoking and effective questioning – the coach will encourage the client to focus on what’s important to them, how to find solutions and options, set targets/goals and then take the nessesary positive actions needed to achieving those goals

In essence, it’s a self problem solving and personal development process for the client – with the coach supporting and guiding the client to finding the answers within themselves

Through coaching – you’ll be able find what direction you want to go in, and then by knowing precisley what you want to achieve, you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts on in order to make things happen

As the Coach what can I expect from you?
Openness, honesty, commitment, accountability, for you to find the answers from within you, to take responsibility for you, to set your own targets/goals and to take the necessary action required for you to achieve them

Everything discussed with the coach is 100% confidental and in line with the Coaching Code of Ethics

Confidentiality – Non Judgemental – Non Critical

With coaching there are no right or wrong answers – we’re all unique individuals with our own core values and beliefs that are exactly right for each of us

We do not delve into the past or deal with psychological issues and serious addictions

The uniqueness of coaching is that it’s focused on the here-and-now and what can be done to improve things now, today..

Future possibilities – Not past failures

Coaching can be on any subject you choose: Work, Business, Relationships, Time Management, Health and Well Being, Procrastination – and all number of realistic ambitions

Coaching is not counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring or teaching, so as a coach I will help you to find all the answers locked away within you – as you are the expert in your life

Please understand that Life Coaching is in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed and the client enters into coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results

The uniqueness of my style of coaching is that not only do I encourage my clients to find the answers within themselves, I also bring some of my own life experiences to the table in order to show understanding, facilitate quicker solutions and bring value for money for my services

My coaching philosophy is to support and guide my clients in order for them to reach their full potential – I aim to build in sustainability to the clients situation and not for coaching to just be a quick fix

If I can help you with my tool box of life coaching skills, then I really look forward to working with you, in helping you to be the best person you can be

Life Coach Dave Sherwood