Life coaching is about many things, but for me essentially it’s about helping people to self-problem solve, so they can focus on what they want to achieve, find new options, set goals and then formulate an action plan in order to achieve those goals. It’s also about helping people to find the confidence they need to trust in their own decision making in order to make things happen..

As a life coach I support, encourage and help people to develop a better positive mental attitude (PMA) and help them to find the answers and solutions they need to achieve their targets and goals. It’s also a great platform to target and address any prevailing issues or problems that need to be worked on and resolved in the hear-and-now..

Who uses a life coach? Well almost anyone really– successful business people looking to reach higher levels of performance, people that are ‘stuck’ in making important desisions and need to find clarity and direction, and people generally looking for growth and expansion in their day-to-day life..

Life coaching can be on any subject you choose; work, business, relationships, time management, health and well being, procrastination – and all number of realistic ambitions..

Most importantly, everything discussed with the life coach is 100% confidential and in line with the coaching code of ethics..

Through a supportive process of thought provoking questioning, I help guide individuals to focus on what they want to achieve, to find new options, to set goals and then to formulate an action plan in order to achieve those goals..

As a life coach I help people to find what direction they want to go in, and then by knowing precisely what they want to achieve, they’ll know where to concentrate their efforts on in order to get things done..

The coaching process helps, encourages and motivates people to achieve their goals and problem solve much quicker and more effectively than if working on their own..

There are times when we all find ourselves not being able to see ‘the wood from the trees’ and these are the times when working with a life coach can be most rewarding. With the coach helping the client to find clarity and create new options in order to take the positive actions needed to make things happen..

With coaching, there are no right or wrong answers, as we are all unique individuals with our own core values and beliefs, that are exactly right for each of us..

Dave Sherwood – Professional Life Coach